• About Jerusha Nelson MA, LPC, NCC

    About Jerusha Nelson MA, LPC, NCC

    Our story and how we cope with it is what shapes us to be who we are today. Surrounding ourselves with people that will help us through that journey is how we can grow into healthy beings. Let us build that relationship together so that you do not have to walk through that journey alone and allow yourself the freedom that comes with mental health.

    After two and a half years of post-graduate education and a little over two years of counseling work, I strive to bring wholistic healing to mental well-being. The brain is an amazing part of our body and, just like the rest of the body, requires support and healing. I have had the privilege to work with all ages and have walked with those that are working through their trauma, depression, anxiety, life adjustments, eating disorders, family reconnection, substance abuse, past and current abuse, and the random things that life likes to throw at us. My approach to counseling focuses on a Gestalt and DBT framework while also incorporating art therapy, narrative therapy, and play therapy.

    It would be an honor to sit with you and allow you to tell me your story. My hope is to be able to walk with you through your journey towards healing and wholeness, allowing yourself to feel like you.

    Kaia CGC Certified, AAT in Training

    I am a loving Australian Shepherd who loves to play in the water, snuggle, play fetch, and go on outdoor adventures. I am CGC certified and hope to be that support you need to work towards mental health. Jerusha is my handler and we love working together with our clients!