• About Gloria Bacque, Intern

    About Gloria Bacque, Intern

    Often life can feel like a choose-your-own-adventure game. Some paths are smooth and easy while others are rough and difficult to navigate on your own. In times, when the path is rough, it is comforting to have someone journey alongside you, reassuring you that you are not alone on the difficult paths.

    As a therapist, I have an appreciation for the barriers in our paths and take a collaborative approach to help overcome the barriers that complicate life. I honor you as the expert in your life, relationships, and world outside the counseling room. Therefore, I embrace the chance to walk alongside you as someone who can help you work through barriers together.

    Over the last twenty years, I have been helping others in times of crisis in my previous career as a paramedic. I have also spent the last six years volunteering with children and teens in school and church settings. The desire to help others stems from my childhood when I was in Girl Scouts. Helping others is something I have been called to do and I thrive seeing others overcoming obstacles in life. I enjoy listening to others’ stories so much that I received my BS in Christian Caregiving and Counseling from Oral Roberts University in 2019. My passion for helping people from all walks of life continues to grow as I am currently in the MA Clinical Mental Health program at Denver Seminary.

    The combination of my childhood and professional experiences, and experiences as a mother have played an important role in who I am as a therapist. Having to navigate many obstacles in life myself, it was comforting knowing I had another individual to listen to me and encourage me along the way. As a mother, I witness firsthand the challenges children and teens face today and want to help them give voice to their struggles. It is with these life experiences that I place an emphasis on helping others strive for mental and emotional well-being.

    Resiliency is embedded within everyone at varying degrees and needs to be revealed to grow and heal. Our bodies are naturally wired to move toward healing not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. Depending on the depth of emotional and mental wounding, healing can move quickly or take longer to work through. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to healing, everyone moves at the pace that is right for them. This is why my goal as a therapist is to move at your pace, helping you work through your wounds as you strive toward wholeness in healing.