• About Ellen Schmitz, MA, LPCC

    About Ellen Schmitz, MA, LPCC

    I have always had a passion for connecting with and caring for people. It started when I was very young and was asked to be a peer counselor at my elementary school. I was always the one to listen when a friend had a problem and needed someone to share their emotional space. I am passionate about building deep and meaningful relationships that help people to move towards their goals enabling them to live life to the fullest.

    In life, we are often faced with challenges and detours that prevent us from living the life that we truly desire. As a therapist, I enjoy meeting people in these spaces to help them process the reasons they got there and to help them to find a path forward that honors their past experiences while embracing the possibilities of a more fulfilling future.

    I always wanted to work as a professional therapist, but my life has taken many detours, just like many of my clients. I received my BA in Psychology from California State University Northridge. After graduation, I spent eight years as a stay-at-home mom to my three children. Ready to go back into the workforce but not ready to renter grad school, I took my love of helping others to the financial services industry, where I eventually became certified as a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™. I worked as a wealth planner and communications director for eight years. I thoroughly enjoyed working with retirees and helping to educate them about money while broadening my understanding of the psychology of finance. During the past sixteen years, I have also given countless hours working with youth in the community through scouts, my church, and my children’s schools. Any time I can build relationships with others while helping them to grow is time that is well spent for me.

    I am excited to be working in my second career as a therapist. I feel as though my life has come full circle and now, I can take the knowledge that I have gained over the past 16 years and apply it to my work in counseling. My varied involvement with people of all ages has prepared me to work with clients with diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

    I enjoy spending time with clients, learning how I can best support them on the journey toward growth, wholeness, and healing. I consider it an honor to sit with clients as they find the courage to ask hard questions and build resilience to accept the challenging parts of their stories. I hope to help you find dignity as you work through struggles and suffering. My goal is to help you discover meaning, connection, authenticity, and gratitude in life.